Top 7 Online Earning Games in Pakistan 2024

In todays changing world an increasing number of individuals are exploring creative ways to make money online. One popular trend that has emerged recently is engaging in online earning games. These games not only provide entertainment but also offer the opportunity to earn real cash. In 2024, these games have seen improvements in variety and quality presenting a wealth of chances for gamers in Pakistan and globally to profit from their gaming skills. Top 7 online earning games in 2024 are listed here.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has made waves as a blockchain based game in the gaming sphere. Running on the Ethereum blockchain it enables players to earn cryptocurrency through breeding, nurturing and battling creatures called Axies.

Earning Potential

By participating in battles and completing tasks players can acquire Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). These tokens can be exchanged on cryptocurrency platforms converted into currency or utilized within the games ecosystem.

Why It’s Popular

The play to earn concept has transformed Axie Infinity into an income source, for individuals particularly those residing in developing nations. The games active community and frequent updates serve to keep players involved and motivated.


Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that operates using the Ethereum blockchain. Users have the ability to generate engagement and profit from content and applications.

Earning Potential

Players can make profits through the purchase and sale of property crafting and vending items and engaging in diverse activities within the platform. The digital currency used in game MANA is tradable, on cryptocurrency platforms.

Why It’s Popular

Decentraland attracts a community of artists, developers and gamer’s due to their creative opportunities. Their decentralized structure ensures a level playing field and transparent economy.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox stands out as a blockchain driven game that empowers players to construct, own and monetize their gaming ventures. It leverages the Ethereum blockchain technology and Introduces its digital currency called SAND.

Earning Potential

Players can collect SAND by trading assets ,crafting games and engaging in events within the realm. The platform facilitates the exchange of properties and goods through its marketplace.

Why It’s Popular

With tools for game development The Sandbox appeals greatly to developers and artistic minds seeking an outlet. Its collaborations with brands and celebrities further elevate its appeal among users.

League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends; Wild Rift is the version of the popular PC title League of Legends offering players an intense multiplayer setting where earning potential increases.

Earning Potential

Players can generate income by showcasing their gameplay through streams participating in tournaments and securing sponsorships. Platforms, like Twitch and YouTube Gaming provide avenues for players to monetize their gaming prowess.

Why It’s Popular

The game’s dedicated fan community and competitive vibe make it an attractive platform for future gamers. Its availability on devices also helps its reach to the audience.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile serves as the adaptation of the battle royale game PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. With a player base it presents opportunities for making money.

Earning Potential

Players have the chance to earn through live streaming engaging in esports competitions and by participating in game events that offer monetary rewards. Additionally, many players find ways to generate income by leveraging their content on social media platforms.

Why It’s Popular

PUBG Mobile’s engaging gameplay and frequent updates keep players hooked in regions, like South Asia, such as Pakistan, where it has become a choice for those looking to make some money.


Fortnite, created by Epic Games is a battle royale game known for its visuals and innovative building features. It provides avenues for players to earn income.

Earning Potential

Players can make money through streaming, content creation and participating in tournaments. Additionally the games creator support program offers revenue opportunities for content creators.

Why It’s Popular

Fortnite’s changing world and regular events ensure that the game stays exciting. The strong community engagement and support for creators make it a profitable option for gamers.


Splinterlands is a card game based on technology where players engage in battles using their card decks. It operates on the Hive blockchain. Utilizes its cryptocurrency called DEC.

Earning Potential

Players can earn DEC by winning battles, completing quests and taking part in tournaments. Cards and other in-game assets are commodities on the market.

Why It’s Popular

Splinterlands offers a satisfying gaming experience that attracts players seeking both entertainment and potential rewards.


Online games that allow you to earn money provide a mix of fun and financial gain. In 2024 the chances to make money while gaming are broader and easier to access than ever. Whether you play for leisure or, as a pro there’s a game waiting for you to transform your hobby into earnings.

The increased enthusiasm for online earning games in pakistan mirrors a shift, towards digital business ventures. When supported by the infrastructure and support, Pakistani gamers can use these opportunities to get financial independence and success.

As technology continues to evolve, so too will the ways in which we can earn money through online earning games. By staying informed and adaptable, gamers can make the most of these exciting opportunities in the years to come.

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