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In Pakistan, there are many people who don’t have the technical skills or investment to make money online. So they try to search for the easiest ways to make money online. On the other hand, there are people who can use their writing skills and web designing to make a source of earnings. For either type of person, we are going to discuss the Ads Earning in Pakistan in detail.

Scroll till the end if you have an interest in earning by watching ads in Pakistan in top trending ways. There are two most common ways of earning through ads in Pakistan:

  •  Google ads earning in Pakistan
  • Ads Watching Earning in Pakistan

Google ads earning in Pakistan

Google provides different ways for users to earn money with the help of Ads, which we are going to discuss here. So anyone who wants a good payment on a monthly basis can go through the respective methodologies and earn as per hard work. You can also read Online Earning App in Pakistan.

Creating Adsense Account

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If you have a blogging site and you are creating good content then there are two options for you. First, you can request your website blogs to add to the Google News Feed. Secondly, you have to create the AdSense account that they will approve in 14-30 days. The quality of your content decides how much time it will take.

Once your blogging site and the AdSense account get approval, the earnings on the monthly basis start right after that. You may collect the earnings in your account and can withdraw on easy terms. Here is the best ways to Online Earning in Pakistan without Investment Withdraw Easypaisa you can check now. 

Displaying Ads on YouTube Channel

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Do you have a YouTube channel already? If Yes, then go and associate it with Adsense to display ads. Everyone watches YouTube content and so you all know how the various ads come and interrupt the videos. Those who are watching cannot skip immediately and sometimes there is a small ad display and the user cannot skip it at all.

Therefore, including such video ads in your videos on your personal channel will give you a commission when the videos will play and the ads sideways. Here is Real Money Earning Apps in Pakistan you can read it.

Adsense provides a really good option for all the YouTube content creators to add this feature to their videos and thus get an income with the other hand. The important thing to notice here is that the YouTube channel should have 2k or more subscribers to the channel the YouTube owners have.

Design a website and start Blogging

Best ads earning

This is the most trending and emerging earning method in Pakistan. Not only web designing and creating websites at the best prices there is another method. Adding blogs on your own website is a pretty good way of making money.

You can choose any topic from the blogs streaming on the website like health and fitness, technology, jobs, informative blogs, etc. Here is the best ways to Earn Money by Watching Ads without Investment in Pakistan you can check now.

The more clicks and traffic on your content in your blogs give you more engagement of fans with your website. You can display the ads on your website; as people view the ads on your website there is a chance of fair income to your account.

Ads Watching Earning in Pakistan

If you don’t know how to go through the process of “Google ads earning in Pakistan”, you are welcome to another which is Ads Watching Earning in Pakistan”. So let us elaborate for you on the most important websites that will make money for you for free. So here is the list and important features;Ibotta:

First of all, when you install the app for the first time, you get a cashback of 20 Dollars. Later whenever you shop from famous marts and restaurants like Walmart, and Domino’s; you can get discounts and cashback. But for the cashback, you will have to submit the respective receipts of the orders and shopping you did via this app.

Secondly, when you watch certain ad videos of 20 and 30 seconds, you get more money in your account. So it is all up to you whether you want to get the cashback only or the ads-watching earnings; everything is pretty simple and good. You can also read and learn best Earning app in Pakistan.

Big Token Cash App

Big Token Cash App is available on the Play Stores and after you install the app, you get different money-making options. You can get the usual ads-watching or the other method is to visit various survey forms and complete surveys.

Filling out surveys and watching ads for 3-4 hours a day gives you a good amount of money which you can withdraw using PayPal or an Xbox account. Here is the best Earning App in Pakistan you can check now. 

Wow App

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This app is just a big “WOW” since it is a platform not only for earning money online but also a point for donations. It has collected over one million downloads from the Google Play Store. You have options to:

  • Chat with friends and make money using the app
  • Watching ads online on this app
  • Purchasing online items and the getting cashback
  • Users may select the method of working and payment depending on their mood and aptitude and can withdraw money accordingly


Using the Unicorn app, you can make money by watching ads online or by visiting surveys and filing them. When you share the app with your friends, you get a referral code. If the friends enter your referral code to enter into the app, you can get a decent amount of money as a reward.

SlideJoy App

Top ads earning in pakistan

Just like the name shows it is a fun and entertaining game that is linked with sliding ads. All you need is to install the app on your device and start the sliding fun. Here is top 10 Online Earning apps in Pakistan check now.

The app asks you to slide the slides either left, right, top or bottom and thus you view more ads, you collect more money. This is how the app holder can create a chance of watching ads and making money in disguise for fun and gaming.

Pros and Cons of Ads Earning in Pakistan

As we discussed the two methods of earning money through ads in Pakistan, there are a few benefits and a few flaws to discuss more. So let us first check out the benefits:


  • Like all freelance jobs, working online with ads is independent of time and location. You may work anytime and anywhere.
  • You can work depending upon your mood swings- no pressure to submit your tasks like physically in an office job.
  • You get a decent salary working at home; this is why most Pakistani women prefer this.
  • You can carry this type of business on weekends only and also run it along with the daily working of your office in a break.
  • Money transactions are easy and thus full of safety transfers.


There are the following flaws that the Ads Earning in Pakistan have:

  • Some of the sites for ad-watching are 100 % fake. So one must be very very careful in order to select the right platform for working at home.
  • Fake companies may steal your personal data from your devices by entering bugs and worms through fake business emails and calls.


“Earns Money Online” brings another hot topic “how to make Ads Earning in Pakistan” to the end. We have explained well the important instructions, pros and cons, and detail of all the steps that you will need to read this. Moreover, to get such blogs on a daily basis please visit us and don’t forget to share them further.

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