How to Earn Money Online without Investment?

How to Earn Money Online without Investment

If you are a person currently doing a job and are not very satisfied with your job or if you are jobless. In both cases, you will be searching for a part-time or full-time job replacement to meet both ends. So here is the solution by which you can do this right today. We are going to explain the top trending methods so that you can learn: “How to Earn Money Online without Investment?”. So, let’s get started!

10 Best Methods to Make Money in Pakistan without Investment

Here are the top trending methods in Pakistan that will help you get a good amount of money online. You can note those which you think are best for you and hence can later try. These are as!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

How to Earn Money Online without

If you know how to manage multiple tasks at a time and you are a good planner then you must think of making money out of your talent. This will cost you nothing. Just create your profile as a virtual assistant on Upwork, Fiverr, or Indeed. Also, you can display the qualities you have like organizing schedules, looking after the social media pages, and running the online activities of businessmen, etc.

Virtual assistants are receiving a fancy income if you see the previous accounts on Linked In or Upwork. Virtual Assistants can make as much as 19.36$ per hour. So for a month, you can make a rough salary of nearly 600$ which is a fair amount if you convert it to PKR.

To promote your services and get a job quickly you can create your business page on Facebook and Instagram. Later you have to affiliate this page to the business website you are using and see the proposals for you. You can also visit how to Make Money Online from Home.

Transcribing Audio and Video Files

You can apply for transcriptions of audio and video files on the internet for various transcription companies. You may have seen the AI tools that transcribe the audio files with video play just like the captions of a certain video on YouTube.

For this, you need to just get proficient in a language and then simply transcribe the projects that companies hire you for. To create a better profile you may need some samples so bring them there and collect the proposals of your knack there and then.

Joining an Affiliate Program

 Earn Money Online without Investment?

If you are not a good blogger or vlogger, you can switch your online job to affiliate marketing programs. There are marketing sites like Amazon, Daraz and Alibaba, etc to promote marketing skills. You can make an earning if you try on these sites either as an influencer, private labeling agent, or seller.

Setting up a Patreon

Maybe all Pakistanis are not familiar with this term so let’s first introduce it to you. Patreon is a global membership platform to invite people from all across the world to join them and create income for themselves.

Here, the video and audio creators post on a periodic basis on their Patreon accounts like Instagram and the viewers promote their work. Here is the ways how to earn money from Tiktok in Pakistan.

The difference is that the viewers pay for watching your subscriptions and after the deduction of a small commission you get your payment. So, basically, you must engage more and more subscriptions on Patreon and thus collect a bigger number of fans of your content.

This is possible only if you produce quality content and this incites the fans to get more subscriptions for you to support you. The Patreon is 100 % for first joining and later the company intakes only a little of what you earn. So you must try if you already post on YouTube or Instagram.

Launching a YouTube Channel

The easiest method to earn if you are an expert is to create quality content in any field. You can obviously create a good earning if you represent your skills on the Platform of YouTube. There are hundreds of people who are currently earning millions through simple cooking channels, e-learning, singing, teaching, reporting, entertaining, and many more.

There is another big trend on YouTube for all influencers to double their income which is called daily “Vlogging”. Many YouTubers present chunks of what they do during the whole day, where they go, what they shop, and what they eat.

Although this is a kind of privacy-breaking trend, if you feel safe you can try it for sure. You can see many Pakistani influencers making money online via YouTube Vlogging like Maaz Safdar World, Sistrology, Ducky Bhai, Shahveer Jay, Zaid Ali T, etc.

You can also visit how to Earn Money By Playing Games in Pakistan!

Starting Social Media Consultancy

How to Earn Money Online Investment?

Besides trying the earning methods for YouTube and Instagram, you can consult these tips with others. Suppose you have tips to grow followers on Instagram and YouTube, so why not get money out of it?

A social media consultant simply gives people ideas to promote their websites, online businesses, or Instagram. You, while working as a Social Media Consultant, can charge your clients a handsome fee.

Selling Photos Online

If you are a good photographer then you can just sell your photographs on platforms like!

  • Burst
  • Alamy
  • iStock
  • Shutterstock

These sites will offer you pretty handsome money for the collections they need and thus you can make a permanent source of income through theme photography and selling.

Participating in Focus Groups

You may have heard about “L&E Research” where people participate and express their opinions for money. There are many others as well, where you can participate in their particular “Focus Groups” to make a good earning at home. This takes no skill but this helps the owners know the public opinions and aptitude towards certain news or topics.

The important point is before you go to participate in Focus Groups you must have video software to get into these meetings. Also, you will need permission from the moderator of the groups that will guide you perfectly on how you have to give notes in the group.

Doing Online Research

How to Earn Money Online in pakistan

This is another great idea to earn money online at home. Students and graduate freshers can do online research on various topics of science, math, and philosophy and compile their findings in the form of articles.

Later they can sell their articles on scientific websites or publish them on their own websites to make money. Here is the best ways how to Earn Money On Instagram In Pakistan.

Reviewing Websites and Apps

You must have seen the reviews on Play Store apps and you all know how important the reviews are in promoting or demoting an app. To make money online you can write reviews for websites and apps to get money from developers.

The website owners and the app developers hire professionals to check, observe and testify their software and websites. This is good if you have the talent to explain the pros and cons of apps and the web and for sure you will earn money online without investment.

You can proceed following to write reviews!

  • User
  • Test

Becoming an Online Travel Agent

Do you love traveling and have really awesome plans for that but no money? Well, don’t worry. We will teach you how you can make money for that in simple ways. You can serve others by suggesting amazing plans for their tours and travels.

You have to search for the best packages for student tours, honeymoons, world tours, and economical single tours. This will depend on your ability to search and organize ideas and animations.

As a travel agent, you can also offer pre-reservations of flights and hotels for your clients. Trust me, doing this job will earn you hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. You can also visit how to Earn from Amazon in Pakistan.


So, guys, today’s Earn Online Money blog: “How to Earn Money Online without Investment?” sums up by presenting 11 mind-blowing ideas for you to earn money without investment. You can seek further guidelines through e-mail or simply can comment below. Thanks for visiting us!

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