How to Transfer Money Online in 2023

How to Transfer Money Online in 2023

There has been a change in the way money is sent and received in Pakistan over the years. Despite the fact that consumers are more likely to use tried-and-true means of making and receiving payments than they are to attempt anything new on the Internet, e-commerce in Pakistan is gaining popularity and the concept is expanding. While the cash system continues to dominate. Here is we discuss How to Transfer Money Online in 2023!

Peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer apps facilitate the instant, simple, low-cost, and secure movement of funds between individuals or businesses. It only takes a few touches on a mobile device to complete a variety of electronic transactions and payments.

The top money transfer applications have a good average rating in the app stores, allow users to make secure in-app purchases, and don’t charge any hidden costs. They are tailored to the requirements of individual customers and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

If digital finance continues to develop at its current rate, it would generate $36 billion in additional revenue by 2025 and contribute 7% to GDP growth, while also providing employment for an additional 4 million people. Here is the how to check jazz number you check now!

Best App for Money Transfer in Pakistan

The best app for money transfer in Pakistan and most popular ways to pay in Pakistan are as follows:


Telenor, a telecommunications company in Pakistan, was the first to introduce a digital payment system called Easypaisa. It’s a safe and convenient way to send and receive money via mobile app. Users of the EasyPaisa mobile app may do things like top up their phone balances, buy data bundles, shop online, and even pay their bills.

With 7.4 million members, it has quickly risen to prominence since its launch in 2009 by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank. To the best of the author’s knowledge, Easypaisa is the only mobile payment service currently available in Pakistan. Users can use QR codes for transaction verification before a payment is sent.

Now available as an Android app, Easypaisa’s payment solution is offered in conjunction with MasterPass and is available to users across all networks. Previously, only clients of the Telenor mobile operator had access to the programme.


Telecom company Jazz has created a new payment method called JazzCash. In addition to sending and receiving money, recharging mobile phones, purchasing data bundles, and paying bills, JazzCash offers a wallet-based payment system.

Launch in 2012 under the name MobiCash, this branchless banking system is similar to a mobile number-tagged bank account that can be used on any phone, not only smartphones, and from anywhere in the world.


In 2013, telecommunications provider Ufone established a branchless banking service called Upaisa. This wallet-based payment system facilitates simple online purchases, bill payments, and mobile phone top-ups. Upaisa also provides customers with debit cards that may be used at local ATMs to withdraw cash. It’s a service that’s becoming increasingly sought after, and it’s offered in more than 45,000 sites across Pakistan.

Users can expect the same functionality from its services as they would from an online banking platform. Users in any part of Pakistan can gain access, and it isn’t tie to any certain cell network. You can sign up for UPaisa by dialling *786# from their mobile device.


1Link registered PayPak with the State Bank of Pakistan as a domestic payment system. Twenty of the country’s banks networks already accept payments in this way.

It was establish in 2016 with the goal of reducing the high fees associate with using international payment systems. Its primary mode of operation is the use of PayPak cards, which are now restrict to use at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals.


In Pakistan, FonePay is one of the first and largest online payment gateways. Powered by Mastercard, it provides Pakistanis with a convenient and flexible method of making purchases at a variety of stores and online. FonePay makes it simple for businesses to sign up by simply visiting the website, filling out the registration form, and attaching their bank account to the platform.

In this way, companies can accept payments from customers using QR codes. Customers can sign up for FonePay in the same way. One of FonePay’s biggest features is that it allows users to link multiple bank accounts at once.


Any bank in Pakistan can send you an IBFT transfer, or you can use services like Transferwise, Remitly, Payoneer, etc. to receive money from abroad. Keep an eye out, we’re working on other ways to fund your SadaPay account as well. Here is the how to start freelancing as a student you check the skills and learn!


Payoneer is an online payment system that has been adopt by online businessmen and freelancers all across Pakistan. Using Payoneer in Pakistan, users can draw cash through debit cards from ATM machines in local currency and can also send money to their bank accounts as well.

Currently, with over 4 million and counting customers, Payoneer offers a guaranteed low transaction fee and flexibility in accessing cash. It operates globally in over 200 countries and 150 currencies allowing you to send money online from Pakistan internationally. Here is the how to close easypaisa account you can visit now!

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